Bolton Refugee Heritage Group Project is a project to help refugees and asylum seekers dispersed in Bolton explore the heritage history of this fascinating area.

Museum Visit June 2016:

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Refugees Remembering Home – Video Recordings:


Khairi (Palestine )

Khairi is a 66 years old man born in Baghdad (Iraq) , and arrived in the UK in 08 December 2009.
He is from Palestinian descent born in Iraq.

He had various jobs in Baghdad, and worked as taxi driver during daytime and overnight at Hotel Rashid , which was well paid.
He used to drive clients from various towns, e.g Tikrit or Nasiryah to Baghdad.

He says “Baghdad is a big city, with many bridges, cheap to live and people are very nice “.

He never spoke English before and learned it when he joined Bolton College.
He currently volunteers for a local charity and helps people and feel very safe since arriving in the UK.



Salaam (Iraq)

Salaam, was born in Baghdad in Iraq, and wanted to become a dentist but it did not work out as expected.
He was a student and life was “good”, going out to cinema, food was available and loved his friends and family.
He remembers the railways links, hotels, and shopping. He didn’t know how to speak English at the beginning but improved when he came to the UK.