The Bolton Refugee Heritage Group project: Background to the project

Bolton is a fascinating area, yet its heritage history remains unexplored by the new settlement communities, in particular Refugees and Asylum Seekers. Being one of the main dispersal area in the UK, the town accommodates a large number of new arrivals during the last 10 years, and there are plans by the Bolton Council to house more up to year 2020.

Often, on arrival, refugees and asylum seekers feel isolated, anxious due to the stressful journey to reach the UK, the long asylum process, and the lack of families’ links and knowledge of leisure / learning opportunities available and also the ever changing British Weather.

They bring along a rich and diverse cultural traditions, memories and stories, however are often unable to share them with because of the language barrier or fear of expressing themselves as a result of past traumatic experiences.

You can read more about the project right on this site, including our aims, outcomes and activities.