The ITEM team has a unique blend of skills and knowledge gained from over 20 years combined experience working in the field. We have extensive experience of working with employers and clients to:

  • create and design employment or placement positions
  • assist with organisational policy and procedure, induction and continuing client support
  • help clients find and effectively use sources of employment information
  • improve clients’ work-readiness, including their work experience, education, qualifications, training needs, temperament, aspirations, career planning.

Our approach involves:

  • A holistic view of the individual’s needs, including signposting to support services, social skills development and support to overcome the isolation that can follow being out work for long periods
  • Partnerships and contract management to deliver successful projects with ‘prime contractors’, Colleges and the Third Sector.
ITEM is able to offer efficient and effective services based on our skills base.

ITEM’s main employment work has included:

Clients Employers
Assessment of job readiness
CV development
Interview skills
Sign posting
Job applications support
Job search support
In-job placement support and development
Co-operative awareness raising
Assessments (appropriateness to host to a placement and gain new members)
Placement/job role development
Selection/interview support
Induction processes
Policy development
Health and Safety/ risk assessment

Client A, who had been out of work for some time (despite have a good level of experience and skill) was referred to ITEM. We were able to develop her CV and find her a placement which eventually resulted with a job offer. ITEM worked with Client X, a recently released ex-offender. Though he had few formal qualifications, he undertook ICT training in prison and developed a new business idea. ITEM was able to negotiate a placement, which enabled Client X to receive work experience and be flexible enough to allow him time to continue to develop his new business.

Inside Track are a great bunch of people. They take the time to find out where you are up to and make you feel part of a whole team working to help you get back in to work., I received] excellent support from their staff. My placement with DEP was just what I needed. I gained new skills and experiences that will help me forge ahead with my job search.” Simon, ITEM Client